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Year 12 Murdoch Flexi Track High

19 May 2021

On Wednesday 19 May, 32 of our Year 12 students experienced a Murdoch University Campus Tour and Workshop Day as part of their Murdoch Flexi-Track Pathway Classes here at the College. This academic pathway is offered in partnership with Murdoch University and enables our students to complete this university-endorsed course as one of their six Year 12 subjects. The aim of the day was to take in information from the presentations and reflect on individual skills and interests to help decide pathways for future study options and course offerings.

Frequently asked questions?

It is the Murdoch University “Bridging Course” that is normally studied by students when they leave high school but do not automatically qualify for entrance into University.

Students in Year 12 will be able to complete Flexi-Track High as a subject during their final year at La Salle College.

Flexi Track High is designed to be completed by the end of Year 12 (one school year).

Students who complete Flexi Track High will be provided the opportunity to directly apply into any Murdoch University Course with an indicative ATAR score of 70.

The course is taught and assessed by staff at Murdoch University, however students are facilitated through the program by a staff member at La Salle College.

Students will choose Flexi Track High as a subject and therefore be in a Flexi Track High class five times a week with a La Salle staff member facilitating the course.

As Flexi Track High is an Alternative University Pathway students would study mainly General courses with an option to study ATAR courses if they suit their interests.

The cost is $1200 (2021 cost)which is paid directly to Murdoch University during the application process.

Flexi Track High is an endorsed program that means students will be allocated four units towards their WACE graduation (on full completion of the course).

  • Students who are not succeeding in the ATAR Pathway in Year 11 and not tracking at an ATAR score of 75 or better.
  • Students currently studying an Alternative Pathway (other than an online Cert IV) who are wanting to study post-secondary schooling at Murdoch University.

Any student who is currently enrolled in an ATAR pathway and is tracking at an ATAR of more than 75 (these students will gain direct entry without requiring Bridging Courses).

Any student completing an Online Certificate IV (as this is already an alternative pathway).

Students who struggle to meet deadlines.

Students who do not have evidence of either: – A minimum mark of 45% in ATAR English Year 11-An ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in General English Year 11

At La Salle we recommend that students choosing the Murdoch Flexi Track High Pathway in Year 10 study the following courses in Year 11:

  • English ATAR
  • Business Certificate III
  • Integrated Science
  • Religion & Life General
  • Two further choices of the student’s choosing

For more information on Flexi Track High please see either Mr Brown, Mrs Dawson or Mr Conneely.

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