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Year 9 and 10 Media Arts Incursion

10 August 2021

Miss Sorci’s Year 9 and 10 Media Arts Students were very fortunate to host Murdoch University Creative Arts Department Lecturer Jason Dohle and Student Teacher Kyle Dessent earlier this month. 

Mr Dohle and Mr Dessent taught the students how to to use the Adobe After Effects, which is a special effects program that manipulates and creates visual effects, motion graphics, and animation.

The students learnt how to use this program in conjunction with a green screen to create a transparency and resulted in them successfully inserting an alien into a cowboy movie scene.

It was a fantastic incursion and the students enjoyed learning about this program .

The introduction to special effects editing has sure piqued their interest on how they can apply this to their own class work. Well done everyone!

Miss Jessica Sorci | Teacher

Student reflections

“The incursion was really cool, I learnt how to use After Effects and how to edit images and to utilise a Greenscreen. I think this should definitely be done again as it was very informative and fun!” – Jayden Jacobs

“The incursion was very informative and fun. The teachers from Murdoch worked well and were very nice to all the students and made us feel comfortable. The lesson was detailed and taught us how to edit and use different editing techniques to make our films look better.”Matilda Rowe

“Very cool incursion. 10/10 would recommend and learn again. This class was very educational and taught me a lot about after affects.”Neve McCullough

“The Media incursion was the best experience. The two teachers from Murdoch who taught us how to use After Effects and show me new ways to edit my photos and videos. I would love to thank my amazing teacher that set this up for my class and to thank the two Murdoch teachers for helping me. Best experience 10/10 would do it again.” – Chella Dass

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