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Year 9 Wellbeing Program

15 June 2021

On Thursday 10 and Friday 11 June,  all Year 9 students had the opportunity to learn about relationships, positive mental health and investigating strategies to improve their overall wellbeing as part of our Wellbeing and Protective Behaviour Education Program at the College.

The program was developed in response to the various issues that boys and girls face, with the final two sessions bringing all students together to collaborate on the two days of learning.

Mike Dyson and his team from ‘Good Blokes’, with the assistance of College counsellor Jon Laden-Wearne and a number of our male staff facilitated the workshops with our Year 9 boys

Our girls program was facilitated by Holly-Ann Martin, Sabine McKenzie, the Theatre Response Group from the Constable Care organisation, and College counsellors Ms. Janette Connor and Ms. Anita Andreatta, along with a number of our female staff.

Topics explored across the two days included relationships, stereotypes, consent and links between physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Laura Shaughnessy our Leader of Wellbeing (Year 9) coordinated the wellbeing program and extends a huge thank you to everyone involved – especially the students who participated so positively.

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