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2022 Academy Sports Photos

9 November 2022

Families can now view and purchase College Extracurricular Sports Photos. To access photos please visit the Academy Photo Website and enter the relevant 8-digit Access Key as outlined below:

  • Basketball: 8PHTFN7G
  • Football: AFL: AE4Z5CMC
  • Netball: ATAJE6SL
  • Other Sports: ZD6ZDJVC
  • Soccer: GN88B3UN
  • Volleyball: ZM2YQU3G

NB: Double-click an image to enlarge it.

Once logged in, you can change to a different Access Key without losing the orders in your cart by clicking on “Enter another access key”. This will ensure you only pay for postage once and all photos are sent to you at the same time.
Photos will be available online for 6 months. If you require assistance, please call Academy on 1800 816 224.

Mr Scott McIlroy | Curriculum Administrator

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