At La Salle College

Learning Excellence

As a school of excellence guided by our Lasallian principles and Christian values, we celebrate our students’ individual needs and interests, empowering them to discover their unique potential.

Our learning opportunities and facilities both within and beyond the classroom, enables our students to evolve as individuals and as a community.


Our proactive learning environment provides students with a range of academic pathways that cater to the unique needs of every student.

Students are provided a variety of Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) pathways to seek entry to their university of choice.

Our Galileo feeder school program, Gifted and Talented programs, study clubs and ongoing partnerships with University of Western Australia (UWA) and Murdoch University provide students with an array of opportunities to satisfy their academic appetite and explore their individual abilities.

Music and Arts

Our visual and performing arts programs allow students to experience and understand more abstract concepts, explore communication in new ways, and build confidence through performance and expression.

Creative curriculum and after school opportunities include our renowned music, dance, drama and art programs. These opportunities engage the mind, body and emotions of our students and encourage self-expression.

Students are encouraged to develop their gifts and abilities to their full potential. Through concerts, performances and exhibitions, they are given the opportunity and confidence to showcase their talent.

Skill-based and Workplace Learning

Skill-based programs provide students the opportunity to explore their interest in purposeful skills. At La Salle College, our food technologies, metalwork, woodwork, robotics, graphic design and information technology studies give students practical skills for post-school professions.

As part of our ONSITE and Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs, students have the ability to build their knowledge and experience while gaining valuable insight into industry.

Through our partnerships with TAFEs, local businesses and other providers, students can further their learning in a workplace setting and achieve accreditations, opening doors to higher learning and career opportunities.


Every student has the opportunity to participate in the curricular and cocurricular sports on offer including but not limited to AFL, athletics, cross-country, netball, orienteering, soccer, swimming and volleyball.

Participating in sport builds teamwork, develops self-esteem, teaches leadership, encourages cooperation and instils time management capabilities.

Sports can give students a greater sense of belonging through friendship and camaraderie, and equip them with life-long skills to support their physical, mental and spiritual health.


Our learning and teaching systems are enhanced by our Jan Jolley iCentre. More than a library, the iCentre provides both students and teachers with extensive access to quality on-site and online resources. From monitors and meeting rooms, to books, magazines and online streaming subscriptions, the space and facilities of the iCentre equips students with tools to continuously explore their full potential.


Enriching Christian Values

Students and staff are called to explore and build on their faith and the teachings of Christ through the celebration of mass, liturgies, academic studies, events and retreats.

We inspire our students to experience first-hand how living the values of Christ in service of others can have a positive and meaningful impact on both their lives and that of others.

Our unique faith-building Touching Hearts program extends beyond the College campus and into the home of others, helping students develop a life-long understanding of service, responsibility and community. This tangible application of Christian values in daily life reminds students of their ability to make a difference in the lives of others through simple acts of kindness and generosity.

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