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2023 Vinnies Winter School Sleepout

18 August 2023
Leading up to the Year 8 Vinnies School Sleepout on Friday 18 August, students and staff were asked to collect donations in order to raise funds for our local Vinnies Conference.
As a community we set a fundraising target of $4000. Our College is very proud of our Year 8 Young Vinnies team and our generous school community for helping us smash our goal and reach nearly $7,000. If you haven’t donated but would like to, the page is still actively taking donations.
More than 80 of our Year 8 students participated in the Vinnies School Sleepout as a way of showing support and raising funds to support the homeless people in our local community. Both staff and students took part in several activities including; learning about the struggles of being homeless from our guest speaker Tom Firth from the Midland Vinnies Conference and Sarah Littauer from Young Vinnies. The students learnt many valuable lessons over the evening and developed a greater appreciation and gratitude of the privileges they do have but more so an inspiration to serve those that have less in our community.  
Across all of our Vinnies WA services – homelessness, mental health and housing, as well as our emergency assistance and financial counselling programs and youth engagement hubs, Vinnies provide a person-centred approach, delivering services in a non-judgemental way, treating people with respect irrespective of their presenting issues, ensuring they are supported to achieve their life goals. 

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