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Art and Design Exhibition

30 October 2020

This year’s Art and Design Exhibition was held on Thursday 29 October 2020 in great albeit slightly different style.

Although we had a reduced capacity with limited numbers due to restrictions, it was still a fabulous night.

The Art and Design Technology students worked very hard to put together a fantastic display that showcased their many talent, skill and abilities and certainly succeeded in doing just that. Congratulations to everyone that was involved in the exhibition.

You can view the photographs of some of the art and design pieces on our College’s Facebook page.

Well done to all our winners.

  • Year 7: Amelia Grover
  • Year 8: Devlin Kimpton
  • Year 9: Lilia Steel
  • Year 10: Roy Jones Delena
  • Year 11: Elena Hanson
  • Year 12: Holly BodaBurrows
  • Principal’s Acquisition: Sarah Kelly

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