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Assessment Absences and Extensions

21 March 2024

The College understands, that at times, students may require additional time to complete a take-home assessment or prepare for an in-class assessment for a number of reasons. To keep assessment tasks valid, fair and reliable for all students, please refer to the processes below when seeking an extension for any tasks or your child is absent on the day of a scheduled assessment.

These processes can be found in the College Assessment Guidelines which is located here.

Process for students seeking extensions on assessments
2.4.1 Extensions – Assignments/Tasks
Students seeking an extension to the due date for a task or assignment must advise the course/subject teacher at least three (3) days (not including weekends or holidays) before the due date. This must be by written application, which includes support from parents/guardians. If a situation warrants an extension, the teacher then, in consultation with the Leader of Learning can grant an appropriate extension to the submission date for the task and communicate this to the student. For an extension to be granted, the classroom teacher must receive this request in writing from a parent/guardian clearly stating the reason for the requested extension with at least three (3) days’ notice.

Process for students absent on the day of an assessment
2.3.1 Absent due to illness
Under these circumstances students in Years 7 – 12 must provide either a medical certificate or written confirmation (that states there is knowledge of the missed assessment) from parents/guardians upon their return to school to verify the illness. Upon the students return to school, the missed assessment will be administered within three (3) school days from return or at an alternative practical time at the discretion of the Leader of Learning. If you have any questions regarding your child’s ability to complete an assessment, please contact the relevant classroom teacher with as much notice as possible for the College to best accommodate these circumstances.

Ms Jade Lori | Director of Pedagogy

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