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Being a P&F volunteer is rewarding

21 March 2024

During Term 1, our dedicated volunteers graciously contributed their time and efforts to support the College at the Junior Swim Carnival and the Year 7 “I am Lasallian” evening. Additionally, our parents and carers came together for our Annual Community Meeting, featuring a delightful gathering with wine, cheese, and engaging conversations followed by a productive meeting to report on our accomplishments in 2023, which then led on to electing our new Office Bearers for 2024.

As we transition into Term 2, we invite more parents to assist us in planning and organising upcoming events such as the Mother’s Day Community Connect Activity and the P&F Bingo Night (our primary fundraising initiative for 2024).

Here are the personal experiences shared by some of our parent volunteers who are part of the P&F:

“Joining the Parents & Friends (P&F) Committee this year has so far been a rewarding experience, allowing me to connect with other parents, school staff, and most importantly, contribute to our children’s educational journey.

My involvement so far was helping at the recent ‘Year 7 ‘I am Lasallian’ Evening.’ This event was not only a fantastic way to welcome new families into our community but also a meaningful experience that embodied the values and spirit of being Lasallian. It was a fun evening with lots of smiles. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a special occasion and look forward to being involved in many more events and initiatives in the future.

If other parents are considering whether to join the P&F, I would highly recommend it. Being part of this group not only provides a platform to make a positive impact on our children’s education but also offers the chance to meet and collaborate with an amazing community of families and educators. It’s a wonderful way to contribute to and participate in our children’s school life.”
Ila (Year 7 Parent)

“Being new to the country I’ve found that I’ve made wonderful friends being part of the P&F, I feel closer to the values of the school and have felt the ‘nurturing’ not only in my son’s education but personally as a contributor to the school. It’s very personal that I have the opportunity to support my son through his schooling chapter.”
Jazz (Year 10 Parent)

“I have been an active member with La Salle Parents and Friends Committee since 2022. When I first started out as a P&F volunteer, I was very nervous and unsure because I didn’t know what I was getting into and what was involved, but once I went along to a couple of meetings and met the wondering people of the committee, it was easy. Then I started to feel confident to put my hand up to help at events which was always fun with a lot of laughter Being a part of the P&F has provided me with invaluable insight into the inner workings and future plans of the school, as well as the rewarding feeling of contributing to the school’s growth through fundraising efforts.

Over the past years at La Salle, I have been involved in many events such as the Annual Quiz Night, Carols by Candlelight, Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Bendigo Bank Raffle, setting up of event like Gradutaion and many more. Being a part of this parent group has given me a feeling of such joy and achievement as well as a great sense of belonging. Over the years, I have met and created a great group of friends with the parents of La Salle. I have also gotten to know a few of the wonderful students in the school as well my daughter’s friend group. I love it when I am walking through the school I hear “Hi Sienna’s mum.” As an extra bonus of being part of the committee I have made great connections with the staff and senior leadership of the school.

I encourage others to step outside their comfort zone and join us at P&F Committee meetings or put your name down to help – even if it’s just once a year. You may just find yourself pleasantly surprised by the connections and sense of fulfilment that come from being a part of this community.”
Joanne (Year 10 Parent)

Join us for our next meeting on Monday 13 May at 6:30pm (Cuppa and a chat from 6pm)

Carla Turner | P&F Vice President

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