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Building Thinking Classrooms

5 March 2024

During this term our Maths and Science staff have been bringing our College Vision for Learning (transforming tomorrow’s hearts, minds, lives) to life. Take a look at what they’ve been up to in the classroom. 

While there are many methods for teaching secondary school students, our mathematics staff have been implementing the pedagogical principles researched and presented by Peter Liljedhal in his book ‘Building Thinking Classrooms.’

“The goal of building thinking classrooms is not to find engaging tasks for students to think about. The goal of thinking classrooms is to build engaged students that are willing to think about any task.” Peter Liljedhal.

In our classrooms we have found students are engaged, connected and have been enjoying the freedom to make decisions and spend time thinking about the tasks they have been asked to try. This has resulted in students gaining a far greater understanding of the mathematics they are using.

In the future we believe this will lead to our students having a far greater understanding of mathematics and further develop the ability to be flexible and courageous problem solvers, setting them up for the changing world in the future.

Jane Gordon | Mathematics Teacher 

Our Year 9 Science STEM elective is centred on building skills in electronics and project-based learning. Projects are centred on current real-world problems and incorporate a variety of science concepts from the year 7-9 Science curricula, the use of online technologies, mapping and modelling and simple mathematical concepts. Currently, the Year 9 STEM students are learning soldering to prepare them for building robots as part of their first unit of work.

Jordy Henderson | Leader of Learning Science 

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