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Cocurricular Excellence

22 March 2024

Our teachers have been facilitating cocurricular activities this term guided by our Vision for Learning to transform the hearts, minds and lives of our students. 

Mock Trials

On Tuesday 12 March, select students from year 10 and 11 courageously participated in the first round of the 2024 Mock Trial Competition, hosted by the Law Society of WA. For many of the students on the team, this year was their first time competing. All students showed incredible courage on the night, presenting their case and participating as barristers, witnesses and court officials. Their outstanding performance was the result of their dedication to many hours of meetings and time spent preparing case material in the weeks leading up the trial.

Despite not clinching a win, our students showcased incredible courage, talent and teamwork. Their exceptional performance left an impression on the judges, who acknowledged the professionalism of all students involved. All students involved are to be commended for their courage, connection and engagement throughout the process and presentation on the evening. We wish the La Salle Lawsuits, and the La Salle Litigators the very best of luck in the upcoming rounds next term.

– Melissa Huston

Dungeons and Dragons Club – Building Connection

The primary function of Dungeons and Dragons Club is for people to create connections and take part in collective storytelling and role playing to save the world from the foul forces of evil. While the stories may be pretend, the connections that are built within this game are not. The players (known collectively as a ‘party’) must work as a team to overcome challenges and help one another through the story that they are telling together. 

With every new session and each new campaign, the members of the club build connections in practical and meaningful ways with each other and the staff involved.    

– Ronan Motherway

Teacher Professional Learning

Throughout the year, teaching staff at the College participate in a variety of professional learning activities to continually upskill and grow as educators in a constantly evolving world. The driving question behind professional learning is how can we as staff can adapt our craft to make learning more engaging and accessible for all our students?

Much of this professional learning is conducted at the College, with our own staff continually presenting and sharing their own expertise and wisdom in pedagogical practices, supporting student wellbeing, literacy in education and incorporating our Catholic faith. Recently, Mr Chris Gerrish presented to staff a very engaging session, Differentiation in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Mr Gerrish shared practices used in his classes that allow students to select their own learning activities at a variety of levels to allow for differentiation in the classroom and encourage independence and challenge our students. This presentation showcased one strategy that can be incorporated by teachers to encourage students to be flexible in their learning, show courage in their choices and ultimately be engaged with the learning activities. 

– Jade Lori

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