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Faces behind our new radio ads

16 March 2023

Year 7 student Abby Di Cera and Year 10 student Edan Ryan recently visited the NOVA 93.7 studio in Subiaco with the College Communications team to assist with the production of three radio ads to promote the wonderful opportunities available at La Salle College. 

In the lead up to the visit both students had input and editing ideas to personalise the 30 second radio scripts.

On the day of the visit Abby and Edan were treated to a tour of the NOVA studio with Edan having the opportunity to participate in a live read – announcing the upcoming songs for the mid-morning show. 

This is what Edan had to say about his NOVA experience: 

It was both interesting and different as I had never been involved in marketing at such a high level. The process was also quite fun as it wasn’t super serious and was rather relaxed.

Everyone involved was very welcoming and seemed rather happy to see us walking around.

The radio ad itself was a great opportunity to improve upon speaking skills, as you had to speak clearly and slowly to attempt to fill a time slot, without losing emphasis on specific points. I found this to be rather useful information to have for future times when I would have to be presenting to a magnitude of people.

The highlight for me personally was being able to announce upcoming songs for the station. As we were taking the tour, we were invited into one part of the studio where they were about to go “live” to announce upcoming songs for that day. They told us to be quiet but then asked if any of us would like to introduce the upcoming songs for them.

I agreed to and got introduced onto air, then got to say a few things before getting to say the songs that were yet to be played. It was an awesome experience.

I learnt many things from the experience, the major one being how much behind the scenes things go on, into a production and function of a radio station. The amount of individuals within the building all doing separate things coming together to form the best listening experience for the public.

Listen tout for the 30 second ads between 6.00am – 9.00 am on the NOVA 93.7 Breakfast Show with Nathan, Nat and Shaun. The ads are currently on air until Monday April 3 and will air again in early May.


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