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Focus on Ability Short Film Festival Finalist

24 August 2021
Year 9 student Hayden is a finalist in the 13th Annual Focus on Ability Short Film Festival. As part of his Media Class studies at the College Hayden produced a photo montage with him narrating his short story  – ‘My Day in 60 Seconds’.
Here are a few dot points from Hayden about this project:
  • I wanted to make up my own story, but it needed to be about me. It was suggested that I write about myself so I wrote about my day.
  • It is a pretty average day in my life. I come from a family of four people. We are an average Australian family.We laugh a lot, and my mum uses some interesting language at times.
  • I do my own thing at home. I am a normal average teenager. I play PS5 video games, and I have an interest in the human brain. Especially why psychopaths do what they do or why migraines happen.
  • I was born on the 31 August 2006.
  • I have Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, and a Hearing Impairment, but my eyes are excellent. Sometimes this can be challenging because I speak a different language.
  • I have spent some time in hospital because of my low immunity and I have had to spend time being home schooled due to COVID-19. This was confusing especially mum trying to be my teacher.

These obstacles are not going to stop me achieving my goals.

  • I really admire Steady Eddie because he gets up and makes fun about his Cerebral Palsy which is what I have, and I will achieve my major goal of getting my stories published into books just like Stephen King.
You can view Hayden’s film ‘My Day in 60 Seconds’ here:

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