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Life Skills through Art

22 June 2023

The Year 7s Life Skills class from the Education Support Centre had a wonderful excursion on the 8 June to the Kaleidescope Art Room in Wangara. The students worked alongside artist Adriana Nascimento, to paint animals of the rainforests aimed at fostering an appreciation for Mother Nature and its importance and beauty. This formed part of their English and Life Skills learning program. Many of the students tested and pushed their boundaries and surprised themselves during this experience.

The students were proud of their artwork and staff were pleased to see their courage to try new techniques and express their own ideas on canvas. With “Connection, Flexibility, Engagement and Courage” being the College’s Vision for Learning, this excursion fostered the perfect opportunity for the students to demonstrate this in their own ways. What better way is there to learn, other than learning through having fun!

Education Support Team

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