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Police innovation ignites National Science Week

18 August 2023
Thank you to WA Police for teaming up with us to celebrate National Science Week through the theme of ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries’. The WA Police Bomb Squad and Air Wing Unit visited La Salle College on Tuesday 15 August and Thursday 17 August to showcase new technology and robots being used to improve their efficiency and capabilities in the workplace. Here are some reflections from the incursion:
WA Police has always been at the forefront of adapting new technology to improve our capabilities and to make our job safer. There are currently seven bomb technicians in the WA Bomb Response Unit and when we are not in operations, we are training to maintain our skills.”  Steve Taylor, Senior Sergeant, Bomb Response Unit | Tactical Response Group
“The use of technology on display was awesome. The innovation showcased with all the different types of robotics and suit for bomb diffusing was really cool. “National Science Week always kicks off with something cool to inspire students and having WA Police showcase a robotic dog was a great way to start our week.” Jude Ryan, Vice College Captain
“With the National Science Week theme being Innovation: Powering Future Industries, we wanted to showcase innovation in a way that was relevant, exciting and inspiring. Engaging with our local police made this possible. Many students were not aware of the technology used by our WA Police, and I think after this visit a few will be eager to explore a possible future in the roles they offer.”  Jordy Henderson | Leader of Learning Science | 

It was an inspiring National Science Week incursion with students fascinated to learn more about how technology is being used across daily policing such as responding to emergencies and gathering and distributing data for operations. It is fair to say our students were thoroughly inspired! 

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