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1 September 2023

Arts education isn’t just about making professional artists. It’s about nurturing curious minds and well-rounded individuals who can think critically and lead meaningful lives. – Kelly Pollock 

 Dear Parents and Friends 

Imagine life as a colourful canvas, with the Arts as the paint that brings it to life. I have been proud to celebrate the incredible achievements of our students and the dedicated efforts of our staff at the recent Catholic Performing Arts Festival and Angelico Exhibition. These events were not just about putting on a show – they were about showing how the Arts shape us. 

Kelly Pollock’s quote reminds us that the Arts do more than teach us to become artists. They nurture curious minds and make us better thinkers and more complete people. The Catholic Performing Arts Festival and Angelico Exhibition have been two platforms for our students and staff to express themselves and grow in unique ways. 

From melodious melodies to captivating choreographies, to thought-provoking plays and visually stunning artwork, our students have truly shone at the festival. Their commitment to refining their craft and delivering performances and artwork of the highest caliber has been truly awe-inspiring. Their dedication goes beyond the spotlight; it’s a reflection of their passion for the Arts and the embodiment of our Vision for Learning principles – flexibility, engagement, courage, and connection – through their artistic expressions.  

I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of: 

  •  Lilia Steel and Tamiya Mosbergen-Smith for their outstanding art pieces that were entered into the Angelico Exhibition at the Forrest Centre.  Lilia won the Secondary 3D Art Award for her book sculptures and Tamiya won the Secondary 2D Art Award for illustrations on hand-made ceramic plates. 
  • Ms Virginia Bochrinis and our De La Dance troupe for their outstanding dance performance, which captured the hearts of the audience through their evocative storytelling and wonderful skills. 
  • Year 10 Thespian’s Outstanding Award.

Equally deserving of recognition are the wonderful Arts staff who guided, nurtured, and inspired our students throughout their artistic journey. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes, their belief in the potential of each student, and their commitment to fostering a love for the Arts have been invaluable in shaping our students’ success.  

On behalf of our Lasallian community, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to every student who participated and to our staff who guided them. Your dedication has borne fruit in the form of memorable performances that will forever remain in our hearts. Your passion for the Arts enriches our lives and reminds us of the beauty that exists in the world around us. 

Giovanna Fiume | College Principal

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