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2 November 2023

Welcome back to the final term of 2023. I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and students are looking forward to being the best they can be in the next few months.

Year 12 Graduation 

The Year 12 Graduation Liturgy and Ceremony held on Tuesday 17 October 2023 was a special event for our College community as we acknowledged the wonderful Class of 2023.  For our Year 12 students the daily routine that has been central to their lives in recent years has now ended and a new chapter begins.

As I farewelled the Class of 2023, I reflected on graduation not just as a celebration of an academic milestone, but the incredible journeys, values, and relationships that have shaped our graduates. In our Lasallian community, we cultivate the values of faith, service, and excellence, which are deeply intertwined with the connections we form.

Faith is not just about believing in God; it also includes having faith in one another. The bonds of friendship and trust we build with our peers and colleagues are a testament to the power of faith. These relationships carry us through tough times and happy moments and will continue to be a source of strength.

Service is ingrained in the very fabric of our Lasallian education. The call to serve others is a responsibility we willingly accept. The relationships we nurture here at La Salle College are a form of service. Together we provide support, care, and a listening ear to one another. I hope we can always find opportunities to serve, uplift, and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Excellence is not just about academic achievements; it is also about striving for excellence in our character and in your relationships. We show excellence in the way we interact with one another by demonstrating respect, kindness, and empathy. Be the kind of friend, employee, and family member you would like to have in your life by igniting a passion for community, knowledge, and innovation.

I would like to acknowledge the staff and P & F volunteers that spent countless hours ensuring that our Year 12 Graduation Liturgy and Ceremony was a wonderful celebration for the Class of 2023. My gratitude is also extended to the many parents and family members who attended the celebration and witnessed the passing of this important phase in their child’s life.  As a community we certainly wish the Class of 2023 much success in their upcoming exams and in the careers that await them. However, this will not be the measure by which the College ultimately determines whether it has provided good service to these graduates. This will be gauged by the extent to which each of these young people chooses to lead a life of service and become an agent for positive change in their society. We wish each of our graduates well in pursuit of these characteristics and Christ’s love and protection on the journey ahead.

2023 Art and Design Exhibition 

Our recent College Art and Design Exhibition was an awe-inspiring celebration of creativity, featuring for the first time a wonderful Fashion Walkthrough by our Fashion Design students and a captivating array of inspiring art and design pieces.

This event celebrated the incredible talents of our students and highlighted the significance of art and design in our community. I am immensely proud of our students’ accomplishments and excited about the future of art and design.

I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated Art and Design Technologies teachers, whose guidance and expertise have nurtured the talents of our students. Their invaluable contributions were essential in shaping the success of this exhibition. Thank you to all within our community who attended and supported the 2023 Art & Design Exhibition – I cannot wait to see what amazing creations will be on show in 2024.

2023 Sports Awards Evening 

Our Sports Award Evening was a celebration of excellence, where we acknowledged the incredible talents and hard work of our student-athletes. From outstanding individual performances to remarkable team accomplishments, the event showcased the remarkable dedication and perseverance that our athletes embody.

Congratulations to all of the students and teams acknowledged on the evening.  Your passion, skill and willingness to represent the College is what helps to create an inclusive community. I extend my gratitude to the dedicated staff members who coached and managed our teams. Your unwavering commitment and mentorship have been instrumental in shaping the future of our student-athletes.

In conclusion, let’s remember that while celebrating achievements and recognising talent is essential, our primary focus remains on learning and personal growth. During this busy term, it’s crucial that we continue to prioritise education, curiosity and knowledge seeking. With dedication and resilience, we can ensure that our students thrive academically, and our community remains a hub of learning, inspiration, and excellence. Together, we look forward to a term filled with both achievement and continuous growth.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

God bless!

Giovanna Fiume | College Principal

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