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30 August 2021

To be capable, it is to have a mind of many wonders. This statement is hard to surpass as a definition of capability, in a world in which change is the only constant.

There is a new emphasis in twenty-first century education for creativity and imagination – for learning to wonder about as well as to wonder at! 

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report, ‘creativity’ will be one of the top three skills required to thrive in our society beyond 2020. We need to equip the next generation with the skills required to succeed in a workforce, that experts are predicting will look startlingly different to today’s job market. Within the next three years it is said that a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will result in massive advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. 

The Future Jobs Report ranks creativity at third place of the Top 10 skills required by 2022, behind complex problem solving and critical thinking. Providing opportunities for young people to explore their creativity will enhance their future career prospects and better prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce. The creative arts now have an even more vital role to play in the education of our children. 

At La Salle College, we have seen the positive impact the creative arts have had on our school community. This year’s Addams Family production provided a wonderful opportunity for our school to connect with the local community and showcase the creative talents of our students. It also fostered a sense of collective responsibility and aided the development of collaborative talents, another vital skill. Our students also benefit from outstanding visual arts and music programs. We have been fortunate to draw on the creative talents of our aspiring young artists, seeking student assistance with the creation of artwork to depict the work of our House Patrons and the production of video footage to showcase all our school has to offer.

Our talented students and staff have captured some wonderful images for our 2021 Photography Competition.  With more than 170 images submitted by students and staff, we need our College community’s help with determining the winners. You can enjoy browsing all the images on our online image gallery here, where you can also cast your vote by simply liking (click on the heart symbol) any photo that catches your eye. Online voting for our photography competition is now open until Monday, 6 September 2021. With prizes and House points up for grabs, winners will be determined by taking into account the greatest number of combined votes across both the website gallery and Facebook photo album.  This will be in addition to the 10 House points that everyone who has submitted an entry has earned for their respective Houses. Thank you to all our students and staff who took the time to share their wonderful talents behind a camera. Your submissions have certainly made this image gallery an eye-catching one and we are excited at being able to share them with the wider College community. 

Short Film is a creative medium that provides students with a wonderful opportunity to deliver messages that are relevant and have meaning to them.  In a world that is currently faced with so many issues such as homelessness, violence and environmental degradation, our young people’s voices need to be heard as they are part of the solution.  I was delighted to hear that Year 9 student Hayden was a finalist in the 13th Annual Focus on Ability Short Film Festival.  As part of his Media Class studies at the College, Hayden produced a photo montage with him narrating his short story  – ‘My Day in 60 Seconds’.  The message of his short film is inspirational and reminds us that all of us face obstacles in our life and it is how we view these obstacles that determine whether we live life to the full. You can view Hayden’s film here. 

Angelico Exhibition for Catholic students is a prestigious annual event on the Catholic school art calendar. The Angelico Exhibition is named after Blessed Fra Angelico, Patron before God of Artists. This year a number of wonderful art pieces were submitted by our students.  I am delighted to announce that two of our students were successful in attaining awards. Year 12 student Ellyssah Summers Mack received the Caritas Australia Art Award.  This special award is for her artwork that reflects the Caritas Focus for 2021, Be More. This focus was inspired by St Oscar Romero “ Aspire not to have more, but to be more”.  Year 10 student Tamiya Mosbergen-Smith was highly commended for her 2D Artwork.   

Throughout August a number of our students participated in the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival for 2021.  Our students have experienced a great deal of success and showcased their outstanding talents in Bible Reading, Liturgical and Contemporary Dance and Music.  These students will be acknowledged at our upcoming assembly. Again, we are extremely proud of our students who are fantastic ambassadors for the College.  

I am indebted to the wonderful staff who support our students in their creative endeavours, particularly our Visual Art Teachers, Ms Jessica Sorci & Mrs Melissa Mulligan, Performing Arts and Music Teachers, Mrs Shellie Rodrigues, Mr Chris Milne, Ms Mel Smith, Mrs Miriam Schimmel, Ms Maddi Moulin, Mr Graeme Bell and Mrs Tanya Manning. 

In a milestone year for Catholic Education with the commemoration of 200 years nationally and 50 years for our united CEWA system, this year also marks 32 years of Catholic Arts.  In honour of our special commemorations, the newly imagined, Spirit of the Arts Festival will be held in September 2021. This event brings together Catholic school students from across the state to participate in an inclusive, uplifting celebration of the arts.  Further details and tickets are available through the Spirit of the Arts website. 

Ms Giovanna Fiume | Principal

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