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Student leadership at the College

22 September 2021

Leadership at La Salle College is one of the many opportunities we offer our students. Students can develop their communication and interpersonal skills while building relationships within their team and providing a voice within the College community.

In Term 3 we commenced our process to identify student leaders from Years 8 – 12 who will represent the College in 2022. The first part of this process required students to attend a Student Council Leadership seminar focusing on the student’s individual qualities and what was going to make them a good leader.

All students displayed a high level of enthusiasm and commitment. Learning leadership at La Salle College means to serve as our leader Saint John Baptist De La Salle and how to encompass these same values.

“Example makes a much greater impression on the mind and heart than words”. (Ashleigh Candy).

Applicants were asked to construct a presentation which would be shown to their cohort and staff, giving everyone an insight into who they are and the type of leader they desire to be.

 “Working towards a common goal where we can all achieve our dreams”. (Mackenzie Barnett).

These presentations were astonishing, and I cannot thank all the applicants enough for role modelling such authenticity and confidence. Students continued to persevere right until the very end. This is a true reflection of the upcoming leaders of our College.

Tuesday 14 September marked the first official time our Captains of 2022 gathered as one. They participated in a Student Council Activity Day which incorporated numerous workshops focusing on public speaking, character strengths, meeting considerations and team building. Students spent some time discovering an alignment between the College Vision Statement and the Council’s goals for 2022. Our Captain’s discussed how they can make a difference in serving and inspiring the College Community. We asked the Captains, how is it they could reflect these words and put them into action.

This led them to a student lead Activity Day which the Captains would facilitate, following the same workshops and leadership development they had been focusing on. Commencing in Term 4, the 2022 Student Councillors from years 8 – 11 will be provided with the same experiences. Developing their leadership skills, engaging in team building activities and getting to know the team they will closely work with over the next year.

Using a holistic approach, the 2022 Student Council will collectively form one direct goal driving everything they do next year. The College is very excited to see where these amazing, passionate, and inspiring leaders will take the College.

The 2022 Student Council which will be announced to the Lasallian community on Thursday 23 September.

Alexandra Pettit | Student Council Coordinator

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