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Students get a taste of Italy

21 September 2023

Our Year 9 Italian class, led by Ms. De Filippi and Ms. Congdon, embarked on a cultural journey on Tuesday as they attended the Italian Film Festival screening of ‘Le propriet√† dei metalli‘ (The Properties of Metals) at Palace Cinemas.

The students were not only treated to a captivating film but also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture.

After the movie, it was time to put their Italian conversation skills to the test during a delicious lunch at Delisio in Subiaco. They shared mouthwatering pizzas, flavourful pasta dishes, and enjoyed the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.

And what’s an Italian meal without dessert? The students savoured traditional Italian desserts that left them with a sweet taste of Italy.

It was a fantastic day filled with laughter, learning, and cultural enrichment.

Grazie mille to our dedicated teachers and students for making this experience unforgettable!

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