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Students strike gold on their visit to Mundaring Weir

11 May 2021

Our Education Support students recently went on an excursion to Mundaring Weir. Below is a summary of the visit written by our Year 12 students Bill Nguyen and Jackson Foskett.

The first thing we did was go to the classroom, where we heard a story about C. Y. O’Connor and Paddy Hannan.

Paddy Hannan found gold in Coolgardie while C. Y. O’Connor was the engineer who built the pipeline and the dam. We panned for gold, yelling out ‘Slugger’ whenever we found some.

We then crossed the bridge to the other side where we saw a huge chimney, with smoke coming out from the No.1 Pump Station. Following that, we played a game that required us to move water from one end to the other, just like a pipeline, but only using buckets.

After the game, we went inside the pumping station and got to see the railway tracks, pumps, boilers and a model of the entire pipeline.

Finally, we all walked up a lot of steps and across the big bridge over the dam.

We had a really good day and learned a lot!

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