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The wonderful sounds of laughter and life mark the return of our students

13 February 2021

It has been wonderful to see our students back on campus this week after what was a distressing and difficult week for many within our College community.

The commencement of the year has been unlike any other for our students, and I have been so proud of how they have responded and adapted to the situation while making the best out of something beyond their control.

Although, their masks hid most of their faces, the smiles were still evident in their eyes as they reconnected with friends and classmates. For some, commencing at a new school understandably brought a sense of uncertainty as they navigated their padlock combinations, where their next class was or simply where to sit for lunch. I am grateful to our senior students whose leadership during the week dissipated that uncertainty and provided our new students with the reassurance that they will always be supported throughout their time at the College.

Having successfully navigated the challenges of transitioning to our new internet domain, it has been full steam ahead this week both, in and beyond the classroom. Classes and programs have been swinging into action with students and teachers setting their goals for the year. The College ground are once again filled with the sounds of life, laughter, and youthful exuberance as friendships are formed and nurtured.

This week also featured our Year 7 Experience which was held at Ern Halliday. I was delighted to get the opportunity to spend some time with our new Year 7s as they immersed in a variety of activities aimed at helping them establish positive and new relationships with members of their House and cohort. Thank you to all our staff that supported them, in particular, Ms Taryn Mohen (Leader of Wellbeing – Year 7) for her amazing co-ordination and liaison with a variety of providers to ensure the safety of our students.

A big thank you must go to our parents and caregivers – the success of this week would simply not have been possible without their support and patience. We value and appreciate all the support they provide, and their role in ensuring our students were well prepared for the week with masks, drink bottles and all of the other supplies played a significant role in providing them with a positive start to the school year.

With the news that we will be going back to being mask-free next week, I’m excited at the thought of being able to see our students’ smiles accompany the sounds of their chatter and laughter. And as we get back into the groove of things, I am certainly looking forward to seeing our students flourish as individuals and continue to build positive connections that will last a lifetime as Lasallians.

Next week also marks the commencement of Lent. As we move into this very important period in our liturgical calendar, I challenge all within our College community to demonstrate your faith, love and generosity to all. In the words of Oscar Romero “Aspire not to have more, but to be more” this Lent.

Ms Giovanna Fiume


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