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Our Year 7’s bring our Vision for Learning to Life

11 February 2024

To assist all Year 7 students to transform into Lasallian students, Ms Melissa Huston (Year 7 Leader of Wellbeing) and Mr Scott McIlroy (Deputy Principal 7-9) have developed a detailed transition program centered on our College Vision for Learning. All students need to make their way through the program in order to earn their Lasallian Passport. While the class of 2029 started the year in sweltering heat, our Year 7 cohort have embraced the College’s new Transition Program with courage, flexibility, engagement and connection.

In Mathematics, students have learnt to demonstrate flexibility in their learning as they adapt to using numerous new software platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft One Note and Mathspace, all designed to allow for students to develop independence in their learning and collaborate with each other in meaningful ways.

The HASS Department have focused on teaching students to connect and take ownership of their learning through developing sound knowledge of SEQTA Learn and customising this space to suit each individual learner.

In Religion classes students have had to be courageous and ventured around the College, meeting new staff and seeing new spaces! Students have met the wonderful staff at the Canteen and participated in a competitive scavenger hunt through the iCentre that saw new students work in groups to solve clues and riddles to find the missing word, Transform.

Well done to year 7 students who have shown great engagement in all of their activities. Their courage, connection, flexibility and engagement will surely be built upon during the Year 7 Experience in Week 3.

Jade Lori

Director of Pedagogy

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