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10 May 2022

May has seen a great deal of change. The relaxation of COVID-19 rules, chilly weather, and a greater recognition of the importance of community.

This year began with staff, students, and parents all masked, and while we greeted one another or introduced ourselves for the first time, it was difficult to see someone else’s facial expression and even show our own emotions to others.  

With many masks now gone, friendly faces have emerged. Walking around in the fine weather has shown our big beaming smiles. Year 7 students can see staff and students greeting them, not just with the eyes, but with their whole aspect.

Our boarders have returned to a sea of welcoming faces and those people who struggle each and every day to read the physical and social cues many of us find easy, have had the barriers removed.

The simple acts of sharing Easter eggs and flowers during busy drop off times has united our community. The ability to practice sport, music and drama together. Showing a smile to a friend or even another student walking towards us – these are beautiful ways to connect us as a community. 

This is not a new story, even Jesus’ disciples failed to recognise Him after the resurrection. They walked and talked with Him on the road to Emmaus but only recognised Him once He revealed himself through the blessing and breaking of bread.

We too have the blessing of being able to celebrate Mass with more students now that COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed. 

 It is almost like we have the chance to begin a new journey this Term, one as a more connected community.

Let us not forget the lessons we have learned through struggling together through this difficult period, let it make us strong and more grateful for the time we can spend together – face to face. 

Mrs Roxana Davies | Vice Principal





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