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We need you! Join the P&F

2 April 2023

The P&F are currently seeking nominations for key positions to support their work across the College and community this year. 

Information about the positions and roles are detailed in the online nomination form and below.  

If you would like to be part of the P&F Committee in 2023 please nominate by filling out the form. 

Executive Position – Chair 
  • Provide leadership, support and guidance for all members of the Committee
  • Ensure all members are advised of meeting dates
  • Ensure all meeting agendas have been prepared and venue and time of the meeting have been advised
  • Preside/Chair at all General Meetings
  • Ensure a quorum is present
  • Ensure all members are provided a copy of the previous meeting minutes
  • Exercise supervision of the functions of other office bearers
  • Monitor tasks undertaken by the P&F Group
  • Encourage parents and others to participate in the activities of the committee and the school as a whole
  • Communicate to Committee members when the school requires volunteers throughout the year and compile lists of volunteers accordingly. Send reminders and follow up after the event
  • Prepare an Annual Report that is presented at the Annual Community Meeting.
Executive Position – Deputy Chair 
  • The Deputy Chair supports the Chair in the leadership of the P&F Committee and represents the Chair if they are unavailable. See above for details.
Fundraising and Community Spirit Sub-Committee Lead:
  • Plan to meet regularly with sub-committee colleagues
  • Be prepared to report at P&F General Meetings
  • Attend all meetings (or nominate a representative to attend and report 
  • Work collaboratively with the P&F Executive and other Sub-Committee Leads
  • As a group, the sub-committee will set long-term and short-term goals, set meeting dates in addition to the P&F General Meeting dates and make joint decisions
  • Attend to business of sub-committee to obtain outcomes
  • Ensure the Constitution is adhered to
  • Ensure fair discussion – give all an opportunity to speak
  • Ensure decisions are carried out and followed up
  • Encouraging parents to get involved, calling on general P&F helpers as required.

The P&F is all about families, friendship and community spirit and joining the Committee is sure to be a rewarding experience.

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