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Why we have standards

8 November 2022

As Leaders of Wellbeing, we are sometimes asked why we are so concerned about standards of uniform, presentation and behaviour.

We are very proud of being part of the Lasallian community and encourage our students to share and exhibit that pride. Ways of displaying that sense of wanting to belong to our community are through meeting our College standards.

Why do we care about your uniform?

Studies show that wearing your College uniform:

  • Creates a positive school culture
  • Reduces lateness, skipped classes and suspensions
  • Forms stronger relationships
  • Creates a sense of equality
  • Minimises competition and socioeconomic differences
  • Helps to focus on learning
  • Saves time
  • Instils discipline
  • Is economical.

Why do we care about your behaviour?

Behaviour standards:

  • Support the safeguarding and welfare of all students
  • Promote good behaviour, self-discipline, and respect
  • Enable students to be healthy and safe
  • Support all students achieving their full potential.

By complying with the College uniform, presentation and behaviour standards, students can demonstrate their willingness to share in the Lasallian spirit.

Reference: Pate, S. S. (1999). The Influence of a Mandatory School Uniform Policy. 



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