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Year 8 Vinnies Sleepout

30 August 2022

On Friday 26 August 2022, around 60 of our Year 8 students and ten staff participated in the Vinnies School Sleepout at the College.

Both staff and students took part in several activities including; learning about the struggles of being homeless from our guest speaker Tom Firth from the Midland Vinnies Conference, watching the documentary “Rough Sleepers”, learning about the recent impact that Covid-19 has had on the homeless population and partaking in some fun activities such as sumo suits, board games and reverse charades.

A simple meal of soup and a piece of bread was served by our P & F volunteers to students before they headed off to get some sleep on the floor of the Senior Learning Centre.

Leading up to the Vinnies Sleepout students and staff were asked to collect donations in order to raise funds for our local Vinnies Conference. As a community we set a fundraising target of $2000. If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, please visit our Vinnies Sleepout page which was set up by one of our teachers and event organiser Miss Ellie Swiatek.

The students learnt many valuable lessons over the evening and although they left the College feeling tired and sore, they developed a greater appreciation and gratitude of the privileges they do have but more so an inspiration to serve those that have less in our society.

Our College are very proud of our students including our Year 8 Young Vinnies team who since the beginning of Week 5, Term 2, have been collecting donations for the St Vincent de Paul Society as part of the Winter Appeal 2022.

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