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Year 8 Young Vinnies Winter Appeal

20 June 2022

This month Vinnies WA launched its Annual Winter Appeal, urging the community to support those that are experiencing homelessness, especially women and children escaping family and domestic violence.

Since the beginning of Week 5, Term 2, the Year 8 Young Vinnies team have been collecting donations for the St Vincent de Paul Society. Last week, the Young Vinnies also launched the collection of food, hygiene products and warm winter clothing in PCGs to support the Annual Winter Appeal.

The Young Vinnies members have been meeting weekly, to learn more about homelessness and how exactly someone can become homeless, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic which in turn has forced a housing shortage.

The students have informed all PCGs that we all need to consider the dignity of that person. It is important then that we remember:

If donating food:

  • Ensure it has a long expiry date
  • It is something you would like to receive (consider the brand)
  • Consider the healthiness of the product.

If donating items/clothing:

  • Ensure that the items is something you would hand down to another family member/friend
  • Ensure the items don’t have any broken zips, holes or are stretched.

We appreciate the generosity of our community. Our students are excited to see the donations we can collect to support those in need through the Vinnies Winter Appeal. The final date to donate to the cause is Wednesday, Week 10, Term 2.

So let’s all make a small sacrifice to make a big difference!

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