Our learning pathways

Inspiring life-long learners

At La Salle College we offer a diverse and challenging curriculum to cater for the needs and interests of all students. As life-long learners ourselves, we continually look to adapt the learning opportunities for our young people to meet their contemporary needs and interests.

Academic overview

We provide extensive choice and opportunities for young people in courses leading to achievement of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), TAFE entrance, university entrance or securing employment. Our dynamic learning environment ensures students are offered a range of academic pathways tailored to help them achieve excellence at an individual level. As a Catholic school, Religious Education is our first learning area and is studied by every student from Year 7 to 12. To complement classroom learning the College also offers a range of extracurricular activities.

Year 7

Opportunities are centred around igniting passions and exploring natural curiosities by showing students where to look; yet letting their critical and creative brains determine what they see.

Year 8

Building on the progress made in their first year the curriculum becomes more challenging, and students are placed into pathways that match their ability in subjects such as English and Mathematics.

Year 9

Choices are tailored to both individual interests – and the link to future pathways and courses on offer in Year 10 to 12. Subjects available for students include Electronics, Sport Science, Physical Recreation, Outdoor Education, Childcare and Development, Textiles and Fashion and Music.

Year 10

Shaping their own personal pathway for learning through consultation and advice from their subject teachers. Courses are offered at a foundation, general or extension level in subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science as our lens for learning is shaped by the upcoming pathway choices in Year 11 and 12.

Year 11 and Year 12

University pathway

University ATAR
Students are provided with a variety of Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) pathways to seek entry to their university of choice. Upon completion of Year 12, students are given a calculated score based only on their Year 12 results, which is then used for university entrance applications.

Murdoch Flexi-Track
A student who has the academic capacity to succeed at university but needs extra support in some areas can choose to participate in Murdoch Flexi-Track.  Students who successfully complete this course will be given direct entry to any Murdoch University course, excluding Nursing, indicative of an ATAR score of 70.

Alternate pathway
A student who has the academic capacity to succeed at university but needs extra support can follow the alternate-entrance pathway. This pathway provides the opportunity for students to apply to courses from a range of universities following the completion of Year 12 where they have chosen general subjects along with English ATAR.

Skill-based and Workplace Learning

Skill-based programs provide students the opportunity to explore their interest in purposeful skills. At La Salle College, our food technologies, metalwork, woodwork, robotics and technical graphic design studies give students practical skills for post-school professions.

As part of our ONSITE and Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs, students can build their knowledge and experience while gaining valuable insight into industry.

Our partnerships with TAFEs, local businesses and other providers ensure our students can further their learning in a workplace setting and achieve accreditations, opening doors to higher learning and career opportunities.

Education Support

Our Education Support program is one of the largest in Western Australia.

The St Joseph’s Education Support Centre features a range of rooms and areas that support tailored learning. Some of our students also participate in general classes with their peers which provides a range of inclusive learning opportunities.  

Our program also aims to prepare students for life after school. Students have the opportunity to develop work-ready skills such as barista skills and business administration experience through our Cafe de La Salle which operates once a week. 

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