Friends of La Salle College

Friends of La Salle College (FOLSC)

The College has a volunteer parent group collectively known as the Friends of La Salle College (FOLSC). This group allows parents the opportunity to be involved by supporting the various College activities on a practical level. Parents are invited to register their interest at the beginning of each academic year. Many areas of involvement exist and these are categorised under five broad sub-committees which cover a number of activities. They are:

Grounds and Maintenance

Parents are invited to assist with Busy Bees or offer their specialty services such as painting, brick laying, landscaping etc

Hospitality and Fundraising

Hospitality is a broad term used for not only assisting in providing food and drink at various functions but may also include the setting up and dismantling of a variety of activities that take place. Such examples include setting up for College assemblies, assisting with auctions at the annual Quiz Night, dismantling/putting away after the Student Art Exhibition.



Parent Education

Parents are invited to organise, in consultation with the relevant Deputy, seminars/guest speakers on topics relevant for adolescents. Such topics as cyber-safety, self-esteem building, strengthening resilience in adolescents or any other topics the community deems appropriate.

General Support (including The Arts and Physical Education)

This encompasses a large number of events. Parents are encouraged to support

- The Physical Education Learning Area with carnivals, after school sport, cross country etc

- The Arts Learning Area sewing costumes, set painting and properties construction

- The Education Support Unit by helping students with their studies on an ongoing basis

- The Boarding school by assisting with homework completion

- The iCentre by sorting and moving resources

- The Canteen by assisting in the preparation of food



Friends of Music

This sub-committee plays a vital role in raising the profile of Music and raising funds for instruments, maintenance of equipment and offers support for the many music evenings that take place.


If you would like to assist in the Friends of La Salle College, please contact the Community Relations Department on 9449 0635 or email


Friends of La Salle College Volunteers' Sundowner - Thursday 31 October 2019

In appreciation and gratitude for the support received throughout the year, an invitation is extended on behalf of the Principal, staff and students of La Salle College to attend the Friends of La Salle College Volunteers' Sundowner.  This event is held in conjunction with the Visual Art and Design Student Exhibition in the Fr Laurence Murphy SDS Senior Learning Centre.


Friends of La Salle College - joining together to provide the best support for our children.
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